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Here is what our customers say about us:

  "Angela's cleaning team absolutely exceeded my expectations.  The professionalism was top notch.  This team worked so hard and did an outstanding job.  My house has never been cleaner.  Thank you so much for your hard work and prfessionalism.  I could tell the team takes pride in their work.  The kids were so excited and appreciative when they saw their rooms and my husband was ecstatic.  Thanks again!!!"

Cindy L., Grove City Ohio
  "You clearly demonstrated everything we had hoped.  We had spoke to several service providers and were totally at a loss.  We were so spoiled by our last provider that we felt no one could make us feel that we were their #1.  Needless to say you and your team did that and some!  We were very impressed when first walking in.  It was "curb appeal" at its best.  The smell, the shine, and the true edge to edge cleaning said "CLEAN" and really sold us on your service.  As we spoke at dinner, we look forward to this monthly bliss..."
   "Angela - Thank You!  You are a professional that truly gets what service is about.  The old saying goes - "You get what you pay for!"  We are very happy with what we received.  I look forward to increasing the frequency in the months to come.". 
Byron,   Groveport, Ohio
We have always been very pleased with the service Angela’s Home Cleaning provides.  There is nothing like coming home after work to a perfectly cleaned home.  We especially appreciate the personal touches that Angela’s provides – our daughters are always delighted to see the different, fun arrangements of their stuffed animals on their beds on cleaning day.” 
Gretchen,  Columbus, Ohio
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize “Angela’s Home Cleaning” service for their excellent work in cleaning my home. Their attention to detail is unmatched in my opinion providing me with a place to live in comfort and exceptional cleanliness. They continually meet my requirements and even those unique requests that I may have from time to time.
I have been using home cleaning services for most of my life while in the military and in the civilian workforce and can honestly say that, without question, “Angela’s Home Cleaning” is in the top tier of companies providing this type of service.
My belief is so strong to the point where I have recommended their services to my fellow neighbors. Keep up the great work!
My very best regards,
Michael“Mike” Phillips
United States Air Force Retired
Columbus, Ohio

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